John Campbell's Home Page

I am John Campbell and this is my new, completely rebuilt, home page.

It had been some time since I'd done anything significant to this page. Its content was a couple years out of date, and the design was messy transitional code designed to support old buggy browsers like Netscape 4.x while letting me use at least some of the new features of modern browsers. I got sick of that, though, and have redesigned the page from scratch, with a clean separation of the logical structure and the physical layout into HTML and CSS, respectively. This provides a lot of benefits for design and maintenance, and means that Netscape 4.x will probably break horribly on this page now. That's unfortunate, but I've decided that it's no longer my duty to compensate for Netscape's failings as a Web browser. If you're trying to use Netscape 4.x to view this page and failing, go here. Download. Enjoy the modern Web.

I've actually had the design ready to go for quite some time, and hadn't put it up, because I didn't have the actual page content filled in. I couldn't just use the old stuff, because, as I mentioned, it was a couple years out of date, and largely inaccurate. And this page obviously requires autobiographical stuff, which I hate writing. It always makes me feel awkward, and there's always the question of what audience I'm writing for. Do I assume that you have no clue who I am, but want to find out (got here through a profile link on one of the forums I frequent, for example), that you got dropped here by a search engine and couldn't care less about me, or are family or friends who already know me and are just here looking at my stuff?

Ah, well. I'm a Unix geek, SCAdian, and Vermont Yankee. I'm currently out of work, having run afoul of the "contractors get 'downsized' first" principle at IBM. If anyone out there wants to hire a Unix admin, especially if you're in the Vermont area, my resumé is available for your perusal. It probably needs overhauling, too, actually... resumé-writing falls into that "autobiographical writing" category that I'm poor at.

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